Living Color

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Living Color

This guy did not want his photo taken. I explained that I was practicing and that I wasn’t going to sell the image. He asked me if I was going to post it anywhere. I shared the URL for this site and told him to look for the shot. I’m posting it because he was so concerned. He completely changed and was really nice once I explained myself. Thanks, unknown dude for letting me take your photo. It’s a great image to greet Monday morning. You are beautiful. I hope that you find this image and are happy with how I have portrayed you.

* * *

This image was taken at the Krishna Temple, Holi Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork, Utah. This was part of a larger photowalk event that I was honored to participate in over the weekend which was organized by Scott Jarvie (photos on Google+ here), a local photo pro with a heart of gold. Dude hooked up an insane weekend of shooting. I’ll write more about this later, but the short version: 100% awesome. Got to meet and hang with some very talented photographers. Definitely an inspiring and busy weekend. I’ve got a few thousand shots to get through, but I’m looking forward to sharing many of them. I’ve already shared a few, but there are a ton more coming.

As part of my life list/things at which I need to work harder that I discussed at Camp Mighty back in November, I wanted to push my photography in 2012. Participating in this photowalk event was a great part of me working hard on photography and getting out of my safety zone. I feel fantastic.

Daily affirmation: There is nothing to lose.