Media Fun

Dr. Laura says: No whining.

But then Dr. Laura says that the reporter took her words “out of context.”

And the reporter says a few things. The best is here at the end.


  • Stephanie

    What is really upsetting about all of this is that everyone is saying “military wives.” What about military husbands, whose wives are deployed? All of these situations are not gender black-and-white.


    Amen Stephanie….I thought the same thing when I read it online. I might have to check out O’Reilly tonight just for fun.

  • Holly

    I forget about military husbands, but I’m jaded by my husband being infantry, no girls allowed in the combat MOS. I think I have too much to say on this.

  • Birdy

    Most time’s I DO NOT agree with Dr. Laura, but I do agree with her statement (although she could have said it better) that women should think hard before marrying a Military man…of course that goes without saying the men marrying into the military should think hard as well.

    I am an Air Force brat: my mom was in the Air Force before she married my step father, so she had an idea what it was going to be like, but it was still hard on her having to move every few years and frequent business trips (TDYs). And she never had to deal with deployment. Although she didn’t have to worry about him being in danger; she was practically a single parent for most of our childhoods. It’s something you gotta be prepared for.

    It goes without saying everyone needs to have there eyes wide open when marrying ANYONE.

  • Pete Dunn

    What exactly is she a doctor of again? In what way does that qualify her to be taken seriously by anyone about anything?

    My advice to Dr. Laura… shut the f*ck up.

  • PJ

    Very few people trust or respect Dr. Laura, or O’Reilly for that matter. As a Canadian, I can tell you that they, and most American religious fundamentalists are seen with the same combination of amusement and alarm as any Islamic fanatic. Most Americans don’t realize how drastically censored your news media are, especially NBC and FOX. It frankly frightens the rest of the world. When Michael Moore was growing up in Michigan, he watched coverage of the Vietnam war on both U.S. and Canadian TV networks, and he said it was like watching two different wars. Today is no different. What Americans keep forgetting is that Congress never declared war in Iraq. It is an invasion and occupation.

  • Mrs. M.

    Sounds like she’s trying to justify her vagueness. She somehow added a condition to her statement when she responded… saying something along the lines of not whining to their husbands.


    This is not about military couples vs. non-military couples. I don’t know of many husbands who like to listen to whining, no matter what their occupation is.

    Besides, on principle alone, the journalist reported the facts – he reported what she said. She’s the one who fumbled and now all her men and her horses asses are going to try to pick her back up again.

  • MangoFalls

    WTF Jon? I go months without hearing her name and now you bring her up~! I was just starting to relax.

  • Charles R. Kaiser

    As an American and a Canadian, I can say the watching Bill O’Reilly makes me physically sick. The fact that my younger brothers take everything he says as gospel scares the hell out of me. But not as much as when one of them said that George W. Bush should be made President for Life.

    Everything is starting to look like 1984 only 23 years too late. . .


    Can Hate Week be far behind?
    Freedom is Slavery

  • rivetergirl

    Gah! Dr. Laura herself is out of context in every way. What a worthless pile o’jackass poo she is.

    Thanks for linking those articles. I need to go take another blood pressure pill.

  • Jennifer in Ohio

    President for life? Bush?

    The mere thought gives me chills.

  • Stephanie

    Anyone else find the last comment in the last article from “Passionately Lisa” just a tad funny?

  • Stephanie

    oops, that’s not clear. I mean it’s just a tad funny that she would use “Passionately Lisa” like we’re all suppose to roll over and take more notice of her comment because she’s oh-so-passionate about it.

  • ByJane

    This is not a sucky comment. It is a very civil scream: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    I once criticized Dr. Laura at a public forum. Then she was in her Orthodox Jewish days, when she spoke as if she and not Moses received the Ten Commandments. In my comment to her, I believe I used the word hubris. Well, my my my–the uproar from the Laura-ites was frightening, and they were just as rational and intelligent then as they are now.

  • Jen

    My personal favorite part of Dr. Laura’s blog post was the part when she gets to go have a cup of coffee “and a relaxing sail” when she feels stressed.

    Mangofalls, that is the answer to your stress! Just have a cup of coffee and go for a relaxing sail. In your boat.

  • Jen

    Wait, you all DO have your own boats, right? Just like Dr. Laura?

  • cathleen

    for the most part she is right.
    she said ” they are our warrior’s, who
    protect from terroists and her own son
    is on the front line.”
    give me(her) a break.
    anyone out there with their sons
    or daughters on the line for us.
    im proud.

  • Sally Fulton

    I went to her webpage and read the stuff about wives having sex even when they don’t feel like it because men take the garbage out when they don’t feel like it and it’s the least we can do to have sex with them once in a while. Maybe I’m crazy but I thought sex was a mutual expression of love, come to find out, it’s just like taking out the garbage. Should be quite enjoyable for men when women do it because they have to, not because they want to, eh?

  • Kim

    Sally, That was so well said. I have had issues with Dr. Laura for a longtime. And, this is one of my many issues that I have with her. I also love the fact that she says that you should never go anywhere with out your child. I am sorry, but for any marriage to work you need time alone with your spouse. What is she wanting us to do. Keep the kids around when we a having out “Garbage Sex” LOL

  • Kvikveg

    Holy cow. And she is on air. O_o

    I don’t understand why she started a blog when she has so few to say there and with such a poor quality.

    As from someone who has such a nice list of diplomas/etc and supposed to be someone dealing with the public regarding a very delicate subject, I awaited much better writings and a professional problem management. Her conversation with the soldier who has a problem with the family is a catastrophe. I mean the family must feel “great” now and this definitely did not solve anything for him either.

    I could not hear her on air so I can judge only from what I saw in the blog.

  • Pete Dunn

    Respectufully, I really don’t think anyone is trying to demean how proud we are of our troops. The issue is Dr. Laura talking to women as if they are supposed to act like property. Plus, seriously… using the title Dr. with your first name is stupid. Ad hominem, I know, but still.

  • Charles R. Kaiser

    Judge Judy
    Dr. Phil
    Dr. Laura

    Ummm. . .

    Captain Kangaroo

  • Pete Dunn

    Captain Morgan… perhaps that’s the exception.

  • rivetergirl

    I believe that Captain Morgan’s first name Phinneaus, so he’s exempt.

  • Charles R. Kaiser

    Oh yeah, How could I have forgotten. . .

    Dr. Ruth

  • Pete Dunn

    Does Dear Abby count? To be safe, let’s say it does.

  • Becky

    The only non-doctor doctor whose advice I want is Lucy Van Pelt’s. Definitely worth five cents.

  • Britches

    Wow. That is the worst thing I have ever read. I’ve been a Marine for 14 years and I’ve seen some ridiculous shit put in print both pro- and anti-military. Dr Laura needs the Imus treatment. There is no way anybody with any sort of medical credentials and broadcasting job should be spewing this bullshit. I’m not even going to address how pissed off my wife is at this one and I didn’t even give her permission to read it. She never listens…

  • Dave

    All I can say is, the comments to Mr. LaPlante are so disturbing I can only laugh, ‘cuz my only other response would be to become extremely frightened that these same people are driving the same roads I do and are raising children…spooky!