Raining in Brooklyn

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Raining in Brooklyn

Lightroom for iOS has a sweet Pro mode that allows access (I could have said exposed, but come on, I care somewhat about over punning) up most of the iPhone camera settings. However, it does not allow for aperture priority shooting. Which means that you can’t open it up for a shallow depth of field using the manual focus. Still, being able to capture an HDR/DNG in my phone? Awesome. So I’m only whining a little bit.

I wish I could load my Mac Lightroom develop presets into the iOS version of Lightroom. It doesn’t appear you can sync them up. Yet. The mobile does let you use selective editing points and gradients, but the controls aren’t as refined as Snapseed’s. This is a common refrain.

Enough of the meta. I like the photo, it wasn’t hard to get to this place. And it’s a phone shot. So: win.

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