The Fake Shock Over Trump

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The Fake Shock Over Trump

Frank Bruni in Sunday’s NYTimes has a great piece on the feigned shock from Republicans:

Listening to the 2005 recording of Donald Trump’s comments to Billy Bush, I had many reactions. Disgust was one.

Amazement was another: I still struggle to comprehend how Americans let Trump get this far.

Which has been my response as well. Surely, the “Family Values” party of a decade ago would never nominate Trump. And I’ve wondered if this final straw for so many Republicans is that there is a truth they can’t escape in the video footage.


But surprise at what he actually said? Please. And I don’t believe for a nanosecond that it’s what the Republicans now denouncing and even fleeing him felt.

The biggest shock is their charade of it, because the recording revealed nothing new.

Finally, I agree, as do so many of those I follow on Twitter, with this point:

Any Republicans who are discovering and proclaiming moral outrage only now aren’t entitled to it. They should have found it on any number of previous occasions.

The Fake Shock Over Trump

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