The High Line: HL23 by Neil Denari

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The High Line: HL23 by Neil Denari

This is a detail of HL23 by Neil Denari, one of the better buildings on the High Line. As you look up, the building appears to grow and lean over you. You can’ see it in this shot, but as you approach the building, it’s clear from the side that the building grows outward from a smaller base, an architectural treatment that never fails to amaze me. I’m easily amazed.

It wasn’t until I got home that I found this New York magazine article (with linked PDF) talking about the architecture along the High line. Both the article and PDF are worth a read if you are into architecture, New York, and/or the High Line.

Yesterday’s High Line shot, just for juxtapositional reference. I need to go back and spend about 6 hours filling Compact Flash cards full of images. I’m super jealous of photographers like Vivienne Gucwa (High Line shot here), who have unfettered access at times when light is optimal.

On the day that I visited the High Line, it was overcast all day, so it wouldn’t have mattered too much what time I hit it. Plus, Sandy was coming.