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  • Buggy by Jon Armstrong |


    Sometimes bugs are cool. Sometimes they give me the creeps.

  • Narcissus?

  • Orange Great Salt Lake

    Winter. The Great Salt Lake.

  • Some color on a gray day

    Autumn, 2015

  • The Lone Berry

  • Winter Wheat

    Note: It’s not really wheat.

  • Stone Bannister

  • Brooklyn Bridge on Golden Leaf Day |

    Golden Brooklyn Bridge

    Just gold.

  • Macro of a Ginko leaf in autumn |

    Ginko Leaf

    These can be stinky. But beautiful.

  • Two yellow leaves cling to a branch |

    Duelling Duo Dying

    It's a contest to see who can hold on the longest.

  • Mostly yellow

  • Gold

  • Autumn is Fragile |

    Autumn Flower

    Is it an autumn flower? Is it not? The answer is not within. Just a photo.

  • Spring, 2015

    Hello, Morning.

    Spring, 2015

  • Magic hour along the East Bench in Salt Lake City, Utah.

    Summer Sun, 2008

    Found this one in the Canon 5D archives. Summer! Magic hour!

  • Spring blooms all over the place.

    Almost Lurid

    Not quite macro.

  • Leaves holding on in the West Village, October, 2012. New York City, New York.

    Last Vestige of Autumn

    Autumn fades. Technically it faded awhile back.

  • Autumn Leaf macro by Jon Armstrong for

    Fun with Macro: Autumn Leaf

    Leaf. Macro. Edited with an iOS app.

  • Magic hour sunset hitting the trees on the Wasatch Mountains in late autumn, Utah. November, 2014. By Jon Armstrong for

    Magic Hour in Late Autumn

    It looked just like this.

  • Black Eyed Susan You Make Us Nervous

    The photo is a paradox. Possibly.