Wake Up!

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Wake Up!

Had the girls over last night. Hilarity ensued. I’m packing for travel today and tying up last minute errands and whatnots. I also spent too many minutes last night trying to dial in the site templates. I’m forcing myself to dive in super deep to some of the features of WordPress; I want to make image handling better and more programmatic. Specifically, the featured image function that has been around for quite awhile, but isn’t the easiest to deal with because of the deep diving and theme template weirdnesses. Is that even a word, programmatic?

Spell checker says YES, DAVE.

Also. CSS nerds, what is the deal with splitting up the stylesheet into things like “lists” and “Type”? Does it make sense to have .entry spread across seventy five different declarations sprinkled all over the stylesheet? Answer: NO. Stop it. I’m sure there is a reason for it, but it seems obtuse. I may have to look at a stylesheet munger of some kind. /nerdery

Daily affirmation: Learn to play zone defense. It’s the only way to keep the parental advantage with the kids.