Weapons of Mass Destruction Lies < Hummer?

So if a sitting President lies about something that costs actual, human lives, those lies do not constitute an impeachable offense? But a blowjob and cigar and semen stains do?

  • mrjerz

    Sonds like you’re calling for the impeachment of the leaders of ALL nations sitting on the UN security council to me. Didn’t they all vote for a resolution that stated that Iraq, in fact, had said weapons? Man, that would sure make the world a tough place to live what with all the leaderless nations for a while.

  • ms lauren

    i so don’t wnat to get involved in this question. but the answer appears to be yes.

  • dj blurb


    Don’t change the subject. Answer the question. How is a blowjob worse than lying about intelligence to sell a war? Bush needs to feel some heat. A lot of it.

    We’re doing our part, Blurbomat and it’s 17,000 Liberal readers.

    You might recall that the UN security council didn’t stand up and LIE to their country. They didn’t send troops to their death. They also DIDN’T SUPPORT THE U.S. INVASION of Iraq.

  • mrjerz

    You are definitely correct that sending people to their deaths is far more wrong on a moral level. But to argue that in politics is, unfortunately, extremely naive and futile. A blowjob is not worse than lying about intelligence, but lying about receiving said blowjob in a court of law is. And, if you read the right blogs these days, which I do at least to try to keep in touch, the lying claim seems to be shriveling. The people actually continuing to use the “lying” to sell stories are the New York Times and LA Times. But the stories have holes. So, now that I have made myself out to be a complete wacko, I’ll go. Your question certainly has merit, and I think that this may go down in history as an outright evil move, but then again, it may not.

  • todd

    it makes you wonder what things would be like today if the folks in florida had counted the damn ballots correctly

  • Evelyn

    Since I was a child, Ralph Nader has been my hero. My piano teacher’s son was working for Ralph Nader then, this was in the early sixties, so I learned about him early on. I continue to feel so sad that we have G. W. Bush today because 95,000 people in Florida voted for Ralph Nader for President. If he hadn’t run, and split the liberal vote, our scenario would be different.

    But that still doesn’t address the fundamental conflict between western-style & asian societies, and Islamic societies. This is the core human issue of our times. Then there’s the planet and all its animals . . . . a lot that needs to be faced and dealt with right now. In the long run, we all know G. W. Bush will be a nothing but a laughable footnote. And deep inside, we all know that in order to survive and prosper, the human race as a whole must profounding change its manner of living on the planet.

    Help, help! I need to have some fun!

  • Stan

    It isn’t just that particular lie that bothers me. The entire edifice of the bill of rights has crumbled before our eyes during this administration. Make no mistake Bunky, you’re living in a police state.

  • Keith

    The scary thing, Stan, is that the police state is being heavily perpetuated by its citizens who supposedly love their freedom. The Dixie Chicks (well, Natalie Maines) were mauled for speaking their thoughts — which, last time I checked, was a Constitutional right — and they were told they should support their president 100% no questions asked. Meanwhile, weren’t we over there in Iraq supposedly removing a horrible regime to give — among other things — the Iraqis the right to speak their minds without fear of retribution?

    Check this out, it’s a “debate” that The Daily Show aired of circa-1999 Gov. George W. Bush vs. circa-2003 President George W. Bush. Very informative and scary to see how much he’s gone against what he promised in his campaign.

  • Keith
  • dj blurb

    Thank God for the Daily Show.

  • http://dirtnerdluv andrew

    yah, nobody died because of a blow job. yet people are not very upset about bush lying. so i guess, in the U.S. right now, yes, lying about a blow job is worse than lying about starting a war where people got blown up. blow up ok, blow job bad. ok i’m going to check out the Dean website now…

  • Beerzie Boy

    The lies perpetuated by The Bushtard are far worse than those by Ex-Prez Liarmouth. War Lies are worse than Cocksucking Lies any day.

  • joy

    I agree wholeheartedly with Stan. Couldn’t of put it better myself.

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    could i just have ONE honest, fiscally moderate/conservative, socially progressive candidate? someone who cares about the planet more than corporate profits? someone who has just a little fucking integrity? someone who oneday i can say to my kids, “yeah, i voted for him”.

    can’t i?

    i wonder if canada is hiring…

  • Evelyn

    It’s Howard Dean. He’s for real. Not a Liarmouth. If we all support him, he can win. We can get rid of Bustard. Watch out though, as usual, those Republicans will stop at nothing to hang on to their power. Including murder, concocted crime accusations, you name it.

    I feel that if we can’t do it this time, it’s the end of the republic.

  • emily

    more people should be asking that question.

  • http://. jeff the pervers

    I hate to say it, but while Dean is a great man and thte kind of guy that i would like to see leading the country. I just dont think he can win. The GOP will scare the shit out of middle america into not voting for Dean.