What Mormon Theology is All About if You Have an Agenda

This was hugely controversial in Mormon circles back in the day. When I was a kid, every Mormon adult that spoke about it did so in tones that hinted the filmmakers were going to the worst part of the Mormon afterlife. Kind of like how the adults refer to Voldemort as he-who-must-not-be-named in the Harry Potter books.

I never saw the film/cartoon, and most people who admitted seeing it were almost afraid to talk about it. Except for non-Mormons who mention that their church group watched it and it was presented as fact. The opinions that were formed by watching this always seems to come up over drinks or in social situations and it is subject for lots of funny conversation.

I believe the linked video is an excerpt, because the descriptions I remember from my youth said that they had gone too far and revealed too much about the temple. Watching it now, this reaction seems like overkill, because the film contains a bunch of errors. My favorite is the part where Elohim shows up to get freaky with the Virgin Mary. It wasn’t taught that way to me, but if it was, I may have stayed in a little longer. It’s pretty awesome… God as playa.

The makers of the cartoon also take some theory and present it as doctrine. When I use the word theory, I’m meaning Mormon theories about the base doctrine and not the base doctrines the church teaches. Somewhere one of the Mormon leaders said that no man had done more for the human race than Joesph Smith, other than Jesus. Admittedly, that’s a huge claim to make and opens up several cans of worms. The cartoon takes this and runs with it, putting Smith at the judgment seat, which I was never taught.

Some of the stuff it gets right, but I never did genealogy with a flashlight in a graveyard. I love the gravedigger vibe they are going for… “Sweetie, we’ve got to hit the cemetery to get names to baptize… but it must be under stealth of DARKNESS!” Mormons do perform baptism for the dead, or baptism by proxy. If night raids in cemeteries for names happened, I never knew.