When your kid does something amazing

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When your kid does something amazing

I talk about this in Turning This Car Around episode 228, but being trapped on a weather-delayed plane is a great time to show a kid how to use GarageBand on iOS to make songs with loops. I spent maybe 15 minutes with Marlo showing her the basics, how to size loops and drag them around, how to work in sections and how to work on a song as a whole.

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She made three songs, just over a minute each. And they are awesome. I’ve shown kids how to use GarageBand before and what they create is usually very linear and rarely stacked tracks. Marlo built full-fledged parts of songs and her loop choices were staggeringly good. She has a natural ear for melodic and chordal movement that is hard to teach.

Even now, after being a parent for 14 years, it’s nice to know a kid can bring amazement and wonder into your life.