Why I Gush

Why I Gush

As an experiment, I turned on Bluetooth on the iPhone and grabbed my Plantronics 640 headdorkset. Entered the password and the devices were paired. Not a big deal. The cool part is when you make a call with a paired device:


The phone asks you how you’d like to use it; paired device, the iPhone itself or speaker phone. BRILLIANT. After a moment, the panel flips over and where the speaker button was, a button appears called “Audio Source”, only a click away. While talking. Very nice. On any other phone I’ve had I couldn’t change from the headset without a lot of pain and making the caller wait while I dug around badly designed menus.

This is why people are having spontaneous freakouts over this phone. I’m sure there are other devices that offer these features, but none do it as easily or as visually as the iPhone.

Better: when the iPhone was hooked into the car stereo, a call came in, ringtone playing over the car speakers, music playing at slightly reduced level. I hit the answer button on the Plantronics dorkset and the music paused so I could talk. Finished the call and the music started again. Name ONE phone that operates that considerately.

It’s the simple things that make devices our friends and fanboys like me blabber on.