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Some color for your Monday morning.

Daily affirmation: Smile, dammit!

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Tonight at 7pm Pacific (8 Mountain, 9 Central, 10 Eastern; people from the eastern part of the US seem to have the most difficulty with any time zone outside of theirs, e.g., anything west of Manhattan) I’ll be joining a bunch of my fellow photowalkers on Trey Ratliff’s (portfolio) TWIT show (watch live by clicking here), Trey’s Variety Hour, guest hosted by Scott Jarvie. Jarvie organized the photo walk I participated in last week and is an amazing photographer.. We’ll be talking about our photowalk, photo walks in general, sharing photos of the Festival of Color and comparing war wounds. I’m thrilled and honored to be included. Other photographers who will be joining(these are all Google Plus links):

I’d love it if you can join us. You can watch it live on TWIT’s website. They stream a bunch of formats and most devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) are able to see the live stream and join the chat.

So excited! And a lot nervous. I may have bourbon, rocks at the ready.