4.2 Gigabytes Later and There are Still Issues

I think it’s time to get very IT Manager up in this piece. After I have downloaded the upgrades to get iOS 5 (and iCloud) working I discover that iTunes is downloading the iPhone version of the software AGAIN on a product launch day. DUMB.

Here’s the amount of data for each upgrade:

Lion 10.7.2: 768.8 MB
Lion Recovery Update: 431.9 MB
Both of the following are needed to get Photo Stream working in iCloud:
iPhoto: 376.3MB & Aperture: 667.7 MB

iOS 5 iPad: 668.8 MB
iOS 5: iPhone: 774.4 MB

With the new Mac OS (10.7.2), I’m not even sure how the fuck I’m supposed to push out Lion to the other machines in the office. Turning them off and on again doesn’t seem to work:

Yeah. I loved Steve Jobs and all, but this is ridiculous.

  • Alexa

    What does loving “Steve Jobs and all” have anything to do with this? Sorry, I really like you and have liked you for a long time, but that comes off as…really bad.

    • blurb

      I was trying to make a joke. Maybe it’s too soon to make a joke. I still think Mr. Jobs is this generation’s Henry Ford.

      I think there’s a certain level of crazy where a company launches a hot shit product and in order to use the new features of the hot shit product, you have to download massive amounts of data, some of it repeatedly. Seems counterintuitive and like said company is shooting itself in the foot.

      • Alexa

        I figured…which is why I phrased it this way. 
        I know.

  • e.p.c.

    Sorry, no advice for you. I thought I’d gleefully bypass these problems because I run a local apple software update server on OS X Server…but iTunes doesn’t utilize that. No, nope, iTunes wants to download the damn files that I already have cached locally in multiple places.

    Um.  I like the new site design if that’s anything.

    • blurb