A Holiday Gift

051220_3hive.gifFor music lovers and people who’ve wanted to check out eMusic, my boy Sam of 3hive fame has posted two long lists (list one here, list two here) on Emusic that give you an audio preview of a song and LINKS TO FREE MP3s. I know that you know about 3hive and it’s linky goodness. But here’s a space where you can preview and buy as well as get free stuff.

Sam, I love your OCD!

Happy Holidays from those of us waging the distractionary, non-torture based war on Christmas here at “Osama’s homo-abortion-pot-and-commie-jizzporium.” (thank you Daily Show.)

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    I resent this:

    “Osama’s homo-abortion-pot-and-commie-jizzporium.”

    Why should Osama get all the credit for my homo-abortion-pot-commie-jizzporium? The free creme brulee with every order was MY idea. Not Osama’s.

    Seriously, though – free, legal music downloads? All of us down at the jizzporium will be exploding with joy.

  • lemoose

    OCD indeed, very cool!

    Re: Your Holiday Well Wishes

    So, as someone formerly Catholic, is it a sin for me to tell someone that wishes me a “Merry Christmas,” that I’m Jewish?

    I think it’s the ultimate holiday faux pas. In person, there is nothing that quite describes the look on someone’s face, they completely freeze up and are at a loss for words. Online, I’ve had people drop everything they’re doing to call me and apologize (which at that point, I feel obligated to key them into the tease).

    Here in the Midwest, everyone says Merry Christmas, no one says “Happy Holidays.” It’s as if the regional hegemony automatically dictates that everyone is Christian, and should be treated as such.

    I’m thinking of converting to Judaism just so I can officially spread the enlightenment (and supplement my enjoyment of the holidays).

    Oh, and Merry Xmas BlurboMat!

  • The Mighty Jimbo

    “Osama’s homo-abortion-pot-and-commie-jizzporium”

    oh god i think i pulled something laughing.

    i think i know the URL for my next blog.

  • mdwhittaker

    as they said on an episode of “the daily show” from november 2005, i’d like to wish everyone a jesus-y christ-christ and a christ-y new christ.

    this war on christmas stuff is ridiculous, by the way. it’s interesting that those who are so offended by the use of the “happy holidays” phrase by stores like target have no problem whatsoever with the gross over-commercialization of christmas. last time i checked, target & wal-mart didn’t sell myrrh. and no one brought the baby jesus a tickle-me-elmo.

  • napangel

    I’m in the Midwest, and I mostly hear “Happy Holidays”, and the majority of people I know are irritated that this issue is even being discussed. The conservative Christians have once again claimed that they and their beliefs are under attack, when it’s they who are the aggressors. How shallow can they be? WalMart is free to exploit its workers as long as they wish us a “Merry Christmas”? WWJD?

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    What would Jesus do?

    Jesus would’ve had his presents bought by the end of August.

  • Phlounder

    Personally… It doesn’t bother me if people say to “Merry Christmas” (the holiday is called Christmas ya know) or the more general “Happy Holidays”. I tend to lean more towards “Merry Christmas”. More so out of tradition than any religious influence.

    I think the debate is nothing more than people whining. Nevertheless, you have to recognize the religious base of the holiday, the birth of Jesus. Also, if Easter means nothing more to people that bunnies, colored chicken eggs, and chocolate, that’s fine. But there is also a religious base for that holiday as well, the apparent resurrection of Jesus and (as far as I know) his ascent into Heaven.

    The people that founded the USA wanted a clear separation of church and state. But (correct me if I am wrong) wasn’t church/religion play a major part of life back then?

    Before anyone jumps the gun…. No I’m not religious and I (except for weddings, funerals and a baptism or two) don’t go to church.

    Merry Christmas.

  • blurb

    December 25th was originally a pagan celebration. The people that founded the USA were Puritans, and they banned Christmas for awhile:

  • Tristin

    Yay! I love music (especially free)! Thanks Jon. A shameless plug: I just started the Saturday afternoon radio show on KRCL (you can listen live on, 1 to 4 p.m. MST, the show is called Afternoon Delight. I think KRCL has some old Swim Herschel Swim CDs in the library I can bust out for nostalgia…anyway, give the gift of a live, local radio show! I even do shouts out. Joy to everyone.

  • Rose

    Happy holidays to the Blurbodoocery. You make my days merrier and brighter, all year round. Great to see the return of the scrumptious beard!

  • Karen Rani

    Thanks! My son got an iPod mini for his birthday and now I can be legal by not stealing music, but I AM stealing the iPod from him….ha ha.

    Merry Christmas you crazy kids.

  • Phlounder

    If you google the words ìChristmas originsî you get 3,890,000 hits.

    IF you search ìChristmasî at the Encyclopedia Britannica website you get this entry. The entry is far too long to copy & paste into the comments section.

    Hereís the Wikipedia entry for ìChristmasî. Like the Encyclopedia Britannica entry it is too long to cut and paste. Of particular interest is the ìSocial impact of Christmasî section.

    You get the idea that early Christianity chose incorporated aspects of pagan rituals in order to appease or even lure non-christians into the fold.

    How many people like the fact that Christmas is a federal holiday?

  • tracie

    Ok, not to change the subject back to health care, but I was listenign to Talk of the Nation on NPR today, and they were discussing health care in the U.S. and a “Jon” called in and asked a question. Being the stalker that I am, I assumed it was you. Was it?

  • southerngirl

    Jon Stewart is my hero. When they pull him off the air, that’s when I head for the bunker.

    My favorite recent piece was when Stewart showed Senator Ted Stevens’s reaction to a piece of legislation pulling some money from a pork barrel project in Alaska to help the survivors of Hurricane Katrine.

    He shouted, NO! on the Senate floor. The man is as mad as a hatter.

    And now Stevens is spinning more of his evilness down in that there DC by changing the Senate rules so he could slip drilling in ANWR into a military spending bill.

    And the Senators are also having such fun over renewing the Patriot Act that they have decided to stay in session ad nauseum.

    This year, let’s just call it Fristmastime.

  • Moondog

    ìWe do not eat poop in this house, young man!î

    Yeah, I know it’s off topic, but I just had to tell you I love you!

    Happy Non-Offensive, All-Inclusive Holidays to the Blurbodoocery and all your rabid readers.

  • Creatrix

    Thank you for the Daily Show link! Happy Festivus!

  • taramup

    I’m from the midwest, southern Illinois to be exact, and as far as the Merry Christmas thing goes around here, you are either a Christian and say Merry Christmas or you are a liberal god-hating pagan saying Happy Holidays. I solve the crazy problem by using the Happy Merry ChrismaHanaKwanzaka! And blurb, on the origins of Christmas being a pagan celebration, they had a special on the History chanel about that very thing. The gist of it was that the Christians wanted to get rid of the pagan celebration but couldn’t so they turned it into their own thing.

    Just my 2 cents!

  • southerngirl

    Woo hoo!!! The Democrats retain their backbone and defeat including drilling in ANWR in the military spending bill.

    Poor Ted. He needs to go back to the rock he slithered out from under.

  • Bucky Four-Eyes

    Where is everyone? Gargling at the jizzporium, no doubt.


    Save me a seat.