A Slight Bit of Whine

A Slight Bit of Whine

Possible Twitter posts about my third sinus infection this year:

“Damn Neti Pot isn’t doing anything except making my nose leak gooey/bloody mucous that scares my friends who are watching and terrified.”

“No I’m not senile, just congested.”

“My wife thinks I’ve lost my mind, but you try keeping your business together after you’ve just met the man who played Ian Faith in This is Spinal Tap!”

“The last two rounds of amoxicillin didn’t do crap.”

“No, I don’t have a brain tumor or a series of brain tumors. It’s a sinus infection. Again. Yay!”

* * *

For the uninitiated, I present:


I have written about being sick (Los Angeles, 2002) before, but this year has been brutal. I blame stress, the move (dust galore!) and taking a business trip with an awesome yet very feisty and determined toddler who happens to be my daughter. I also blame global warming and Republicans.

I’m taking a third course of antibiotics and have been reading about a (slightly dated) new hope.