Another Crappy Night on the Beach


  • Sarah

    Reminds me of our vacation last year at Old Orchard beach in Maine. Just heavenly every night. I’m sure you are having a blast. And if you’re anything like me, you won’t want to go home. I mean, why would you?!?! Well .. maybe you could get Chuck and Coco-nut fed-ex’d to you, or something.

  • Swoozyq

    Is there such a thing??? (as a crappy night at a beach?)

  • Jennifer Lowry

    The only thing close to a crappy night at the beach I’ve had, is that one time we ran out of beer and the bonfire……um….was vindictive. Looks pretty calm there!

  • Lisa

    Yeah…….that really looks like it sucks! hahahahahahahhaa

    Enjoy your vacation……looks like a lot of fun 😉

  • Leesavee

    Destin totally sucks. I mean, who can stand that kind of beauty?

    @Sarah, OOB is SUCH fun. I live about half an hour from there. Glad you enjoyed Maine! Hope you had Pier Fries!

  • Connie

    I honeymooned in that area almost 25 years ago…nice place.

    Stay out of the water at dusk and at dawn. Sharks.