Jon Armstrong is a long-time blogger, developer (business and web), photographer and father. He lives with his two daughters and enjoys walks in the rain, fires and hiking. But not camping.

Link: Researchers Focus on Smart Contacts | EE Times

As a person who has vision issues and wears contact lenses, naturally, developments like this pique my interest. However, I’m more interested in these advancements for my daughters. Imec researchers hope to deliver within two years active contact lenses that detect where the user is looking and deliver the correct near or far focus. Source: […]

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Link: Facebook’s facial recognition means privacy loss in social media age – Fortune

What a bad week for privacy. Consumer watchdogs gave up on government talks over facial recognition software after industry groups appeared to reject even basic restrictions on face-scanning. Meanwhile, Facebook rolled out a new service called “Moments” that expands the use of the company’s powerful “faceprint” technology. Source: Facebook’s facial recognition means privacy loss in […]

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