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  • Link: Coca-Cola GIF-Maker Was Probably a Huge Mistake 

    This is probably not what they had in mind. And it’s great. Source: Coca-Cola GIF-Maker Was Probably a Huge...

  • 96: Four Holes Where Your Butts Go

    Here's a story sort of about a dad getting arrested for taking away his daughter's iPhone but there's more...

  • Locked

  • Jonas, the next day

    I took this yesterday morning when I went out to survey the neighborhood after Jonas.It was hard to gauge...

  • Blizzard!

    Jonas, 2016. It is still snowing...

  • Unseasonably Monochrome

  • Faces, Façades

    Woolworth Building, 2015.

  • The Lone Berry

  • Tiniest Seeds

    November, 2015  

  • A hummingbird sits on a feeder while sticking its tongue out |

    Humming Bird Tongue

    Swan, swan hummingbird. Except there are no swans.

  • Detroit Iron

  • David Bowie at Live Aid: Heroes

    RIP David Bowie

    A world without David Bowie is a less beautiful and weird place.

  • New Year Winter

  • 27

  • Winter Wheat

    Note: It’s not really wheat.

  • Red Eye Finale

  • Stone Bannister

  • Grainy & Gray

  • Analog Diesel

  • Link: The Originals: Brand New Noise handmade recording gadgets make everyone smile

    Editorial work!