Author archive for Jon Armstrong

  • Detroit Iron: Corvette

    Beautiful, custom Corvette just parked out in the open. On the street. In Brooklyn.

  • Link: How to Crush it at Disneyland

    Lex gives some great tips on making the most of a family Disneyland trip.

  • Bar Bar

  • Berry

  • Imperfect Glass

    Philadelphia skyscraper reflection; vintage and contemporary architecture...

  • Infrared

    Electric infrared heater to warm a coffee siphon.

  • Rippled View

    Through the looking glass.

  • Google just made its $149 professional photo editing software free

    Yes, it's free. Yes, it's dead.

  • Coffee Siphon

    Glass siphon for brewing coffee. Really really good coffee.

  • Happy Easter!

    The blooms are early this year. It’s strange to see so many trees without any leaves and then others...

  • Schlep and Repeat

    Waterlogued abstract.

  • Link: Cuba on the Edge of Change

    Gorgeous and haunting photo essay from the New York Times.

  • Moody Rays

    Some people call these "God rays". I just call them "Shards of Sepulchral Light and Also Possibly Truth".

  • Turning This Car Around -

    103: Baby Tampy

    This week: explaining things to kids. Very awkward things.

  • Actually used glasses to drink actual liquid

    Still life with real, in-use stemware. Which isn't important in the grand scheme of things.

  • One light on

    1) Carry a camera always; 2) Get up early

  • Turning This Car Around Podcast banner - Lex Friedman, John Moltz and Jon Armstrong

    102: Zombies Inside Out

    Zombies and Moltz finally sees Pixar's Inside Out.

  • Fire, Industry

    Fire walk with me.

  • Orange Great Salt Lake

    Winter. The Great Salt Lake.

  • Frozen