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  • Turning This Car Around: 118: OITNB LARP Camp

    Show notes here

  • Trailer Trash 8: Star Trek Beyond Trailer 3 & Westworld

    Show notes

  • Open

    Only open when absolutely necessary.

  • Cranes

    Cranes everywhere.

  • 4: Ghostbusters, editing and The Lobster

    Do not miss the Lobster trailer!

  • 114: Covered in Gorilla @#$%

    We talk about Chewbacca Mom, Gorillas and kids graduating elementary school.

  • Trailer Trash Episode 3

    Episode 3 is live!

  • Trailer Trash episode 2

    A new show I'm doing with John Moltz

  • Narcissus?

  • Podcast: Trailer Trash

    It's another podcast! Just what you weren't asking for.

  • His Majesty’s Finery

    This belt buckle betrays the tackiness of the rhinestones.

  • Stuck Between Stations

  • Detroit Iron: Corvette

    Beautiful, custom Corvette just parked out in the open. On the street. In Brooklyn.

  • Link: How to Crush it at Disneyland

    Lex gives some great tips on making the most of a family Disneyland trip.

  • Bar Bar

  • Berry

  • Imperfect Glass

    Philadelphia skyscraper reflection; vintage and contemporary architecture...

  • Infrared

    Electric infrared heater to warm a coffee siphon.

  • Rippled View

    Through the looking glass.

  • Google just made its $149 professional photo editing software free

    Yes, it's free. Yes, it's dead.