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  • Reading: Faroe Islands fit cameras to sheep to create Google Street View

    Tired of waiting for Google to map the archipelago, Faroe Islanders have launched Sheep View 360, enlisting their ovine population…

  • Reading: His Tone Dark, Donald Trump Takes G.O.P. Mantle

    CLEVELAND — Donald John Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday night with an unusually vehement appeal to Americans…

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    Reading: It’s Official: Hillary Clinton is Running Against Vladimir Putin

    Fulfilling what might be the Russian autocrat’s dearest wish, Trump has openly questioned whether the U.S. should keep its commitments…

  • Buggy by Jon Armstrong |


    Sometimes bugs are cool. Sometimes they give me the creeps.

  • Turning This Car Around Podcast banner - Lex Friedman, John Moltz and Jon Armstrong

    Turning This Car Around 120: Nerds!

    This week it's all about Pokemon Go. Well, mostly.

  • Trailer Trash Episode 10: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children & Samuel L. Jackson’s Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide

    This week: A Tim Burton joint and an off the chain Game of Thrones catch-up guide.

  • Flower Macro | photo by Jon Armstrong

    Living and Dying

    June 2016

  • Red Ampersand | Photo by Jon Armstrong for

    Ampersand (Red)

    Unaffected, uneffected ampersand.

  • Take These Broken Strings

    "Take these broken strings... and learn to fly again, learn to live so free"

  • Turning This Car Around: 118: OITNB LARP Camp

    Show notes here

  • Trailer Trash 8: Star Trek Beyond Trailer 3 & Westworld

    Show notes

  • Open

    Only open when absolutely necessary.

  • Cranes

    Cranes everywhere.

  • 4: Ghostbusters, editing and The Lobster

    Do not miss the Lobster trailer!

  • 114: Covered in Gorilla @#$%

    We talk about Chewbacca Mom, Gorillas and kids graduating elementary school.

  • Trailer Trash Episode 3

    Episode 3 is live!

  • Trailer Trash episode 2

    A new show I'm doing with John Moltz

  • Narcissus?

  • Podcast: Trailer Trash

    It's another podcast! Just what you weren't asking for.