Black, blue

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Black, blue

Cold. Cold.

The best moments of the day?

  1. When the girls and I walk in the door to the condo and they start dropping their stuff all over the place.
  2. When I sit down on the couch for a few minutes and the girls have made themselves at home. We’ve come a long way since February of 2012.
  3. When we make it out the door with enough time to spare that I don’t have to rush the drop offs.
  4. I put Marlo to bed and spend some solo time with Leta. Marlo is at the age of high demand. I dont say that out of exasperation. Just acknowledging. This is all a gift, and I know that Leta likes this time together. We started watching Once Upon A Time over the break during these quiet hours. I love to see Leta make all the connections. She’s so sharp, even when she’s wrong, the observation strikes a chord. She’s not often wrong.

* * *

Affirmation: Make it happen.