Chasing the Past

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Chasing the Past

I keep trying to capture my childhood memories in these images. This one gets close. Something about riding my bike downtown & sitting on a bench sipping a tiny Coke bottle or a Pepsi while the sun hinted at setting. I knew that if I wasn’t home by 8, I’d be busted, but there were a couple of days where I got away with a few extra minutes. It’s not something I did a lot, but the memory of the light, the sound of AM radio and summer have stayed with me. If I was lucky, I’d run into one of the older neighborhood boys with a job and they’d buy me a pop or candy bar. One of the families in our neighborhood had a Husky and I loved that dog. I could never pronounce it’s name, but that dog was great. He drank Pepsi.

The thing that I go back to in regard to this particular image is being a small kid and walking around our cars to get in and out of them. While passing, I always looked at the details in the lights. I would think then, as I do now, that there had to be a reason for the placement of the diffusers and somebody had to design and make all those patterns in the headlights. How did they come to this particular design?

I did a bunch of crazy work on this one. But I love where this ended up.

* * *

Daily affirmation: It’s summer! Get outside. Right now.