Crazy Town Handshake: Secret or Bush Secretly Mormon

Crazy Town Handshake: Secret or Bush Secretly Mormon

So I got an email from a reader who happens to work in media. She mentioned a photo that was on the Associated Press website showing President G. W. Bush shaking hands with Mormon President Thomas Monson when the President was in Utah last week. It looks like Bush is working some mojo on the handshake.

I decided nothing of it, figuring either Bush was being a nutburger or perhaps playing a practical joke. I showed the photo to Heather and that lead me down the internet rat hole of searching and seeing what people were saying, if anything.

The photo:
Photo by Eric Draper.

The White House website.

Which lead me to this post on The comments are priceless. Logic abounds.

The local ABC affiliate ran a story that features the handshake. Click the video link in the sidebar for quotes from the remaining 20% in the U.S. who still think the President is doing a great job.

Story of the President’s visit to Utah in the Salt Lake Tribune here. The Mormon-owned paper ran a story as well. It is here.

Forum post showing non-Mormon handshakes between Bush and other people where he’s not all jiggy up in the forearm area.

I normally wouldn’t devote such a great deal of time on a post like this, but I’m kind of wondering if maybe Bush wasn’t taking the mick? It kind of looks like Monson is giving it back to him, so maybe it’s more like Bush is all “How you like me NOW, huh?” and then Monson is all “Really? Back atcha, cap’n evangelical.”

Religious leaders and heads of state can be so cute sometimes.