Devil Tree Pods by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

Devil Tree Pods

These pods will withstand the nuclear winter.

  • faydean

    I really like this…makes you wonder why this little clump didn’t get covered in snow. The brown looks cool against the blue of the sky. Snow makes such a good light reflector!

    Btw, happy birthday to Miss Leta!!!!

    My oldest turns 7 tomorrow herself!! I forgot their birthdays were so close…weird, they seem to have VERY similiar personalities. Same signs, same traits maybe? Either way, Leta reminds me ALOT of my Sarah. So, that said, congrats and condolescences :). Mine is a true running contradiction every single day, but I adore her.

  • Kristan

    Lovely. :)

  • mayiwrite

    The snow looks cottony, or maybe sudsy, and almost glued on to the branches. I wonder if we can reproduce those pods to be human-sized so we can zip ourselves inside and survive the nuclear winters. Blast, that groundhog …

    Incredible shot. Thanks for your blog.

  • solarjoles

    Four words:

    Kentucky Coffee Bean Tree.

    I have a male and a female, and the 6″ pods to prove it. Those are devil pods…the seeds are toxic, the pods are filled with neon green slime, they’re heavy and sharply pointed, and won’t finish falling until the tree leafs out in April.

    And because it’s indigenous, it would take an act of congress to allow me to cut the damn thing down.

    So it could be worse!

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