LA Diner Light by Jon Armstrong.

Diner Light

Taken last November when we had our crazy 1.5 day trip to Los Angeles.

That doesn’t seem so long ago. Weird how time does that.

  • Laney

    Wow! I love this one. As soon as the page opened I said “oooh!” out loud.

  • Polly

    can i throw out a guess as to where this is?

    the standard? on sunset…

    i’ve been to the restaurant there a couple of times and the sparkly ceiling makes me think of it.

    am i close??

    • blurb


      I had to be careful when I shot it… just had the point-and-shoot Canon G9 and it can be hard to get a good telephoto shot without steady hands plus I was trying not to arouse too much suspicion.

      Killer hamburger!

  • Polly

    wow. i’m kinda impressed with myself and my arcane los angeles ceiling knowledge.

    and i’ve only ever had the hamburger whilst at this restaurant. you’re right – delicious.

    the last time i was there they were taping a segment for america’s next top model in one of the back rooms. a gaggle of girls paraded through the diner like a herd of giraffes. it was strange to me – but probably wouldn’t have been to you and your wife since you’ve both got the tall.