Diner Light

  • http://silentgoddess.etsy.com Laney

    Wow! I love this one. As soon as the page opened I said “oooh!” out loud.

  • http://www.pollycolephotography.com Polly

    can i throw out a guess as to where this is?

    the standard? on sunset…

    i’ve been to the restaurant there a couple of times and the sparkly ceiling makes me think of it.

    am i close??

    • http://blurbomat.com/wordpress blurb


      I had to be careful when I shot it… just had the point-and-shoot Canon G9 and it can be hard to get a good telephoto shot without steady hands plus I was trying not to arouse too much suspicion.

      Killer hamburger!

  • http://www.pollycolephotography.com Polly

    wow. i’m kinda impressed with myself and my arcane los angeles ceiling knowledge.

    and i’ve only ever had the hamburger whilst at this restaurant. you’re right – delicious.

    the last time i was there they were taping a segment for america’s next top model in one of the back rooms. a gaggle of girls paraded through the diner like a herd of giraffes. it was strange to me – but probably wouldn’t have been to you and your wife since you’ve both got the tall.

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