5 by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

Distressed 5

Playing with the toning in Lightroom 2. Fun!

This photo reminds me of 1996-7. I love David Carson’s work so much. A lot of web designers owe Carson a huge debt for paving the way. I owe him the debt of pushing through to ironically make type important again.

I was a poor-man’s Carson, to be sure, but I had a great time trying.

  • sean415

    very Carson-esque, indeed.

    And I too was very much once a poor man’s DC—I think every designer has been at one point or another.

  • Mr Furious

    Funny, I just stumbled across a box of old Ray Guns and a Bikini or two in the basement… Though I came of age as a magazine A.D. in the heady days of Carson, I was never much of a poor man’s DC—but not for lack of trying. I just could never really pull off a convincing Carson look…never felt right to me.