Bush in Crocs

Duty Calls

A lot of you have been sending links of this photo:


When the President of the United States calls and asks for help, I put aside my political, legal and professional differences and give my best. For the good of the people.

  • M@

    WHAT’s with the SOCKS?!?

  • Nicole

    Are those official White House-approved, Presidental Seals on his socks!?!?!?!

  • michael

    Presidental socks what will they think of next.

    Actually, now I’m rethinking my love for my Crocks.

  • Steph

    Bawhahaha! Killer socks, I want a pair!

  • Jessica

    Now maybe he needs the Crocs knee pads for all the @$$-kissing he does.

  • Maggie

    Dude, the socks!

  • Pete Dunn

    I believe this makes Heather’s point, Jon. Sorry.

  • erat

    Crocs on Bush?

    Dude… DUDE… This is not what I call a ringing endorsement.

    (It looks like Bush is saying “Okay, good one guys, now throw me my real shoes or I’ll send you out hunting with Cheney.”)

  • jon deal

    Through exhaustive research I have discovered a few other objects on which this President has placed the Presidential seal:


    It is definitely his American freedom to wear the Crocs. In fact, it’s just plain good taste.

    BUT the socks….only if he was 80 and living in a retirement community in Florida. Only if……

  • Lesley

    HOw he dressed to meet the pope.

  • memikeyounot

    I’m afraid I’m going to have to burn my beloved Crocs after seeing the decider wearing them.

    of course, maybe his are the off-brand from Kmart?

  • RD

    I think they look great with the skirt.

  • Laurie

    Oh Boy, I have to agree with RD. I was totally laughing at the skirt and the pot belly, but when I scrolled down to the socks and crocs, I lost it!

  • la_florecita

    Oh God. I have no idea how to feel.

    Except that that may be the ONLY good thing he’s done as President. Figures he’d go and f*ck it up with the socks.

  • Char

    Sans socks, Bush….sans socks.

  • Emily

    Forget the socks… does this man work out? Seriously. If not, he should start. His calves are weak. Plus it’s not like he’s that busy otherwise.

  • Brat

    There is no way in hell that is any endorsement for your beloved crocs.

    If HE wears them, I sure as hell won’t.

    And yes, that DOES look like a skirt.

    [Man, Heather KNOWS shit!!!]

  • RzDrms

    i think it’s majorly manly of you to post this photo in defense of dooce’s stance that crocs bite. proof positive! 😉

  • Lane Meyer

    My eyes…MY EYES!!!!!

  • filmgoerjuan

    In the immortal words of Edward G. Robinson…

    Where’s your messiah now?

  • Amanda

    I ain’t sayin’ a damn thing.

  • Mo

    All this talk about the socks but has no one noticed that hat with the dog on it? Not exactly the most manly man lid I’ve ever seen.

  • Amy

    Look at those pins! They haven’t seen the light of day for some time. Socks n crocs…. the latest in Presidential Style.

  • Becky

    My writing partner says you should have written, “For the gooditude of the people.”

  • Emily

    I was staring at the hat as well. Crocs, Scottie Dogs, and the Presidential Seal. Nice.

  • M@

    if this is how he dressed to meet the pope, then was the guy who tried to get into the pope mobile really Jon trying to whack the **** out of the President for wearing those sox with Crocs?

  • Tinkleton

    Unbelievably outstanding, Commander Codpiece! Mission accomplished fer sure!

  • Jen

    AAWWW me and the prez have the same crocs! YEA

  • Sam

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