Evening Commute

Taken with an LG-VX6000

  • wn

    cool picture…I am thinking you were way bored though!

  • http://http::/ Christiane

    Stuck in traffic, perhaps?

    Nice pic though…

  • Miss Kimberley

    AUGH!!! My eyes! My eyes!

  • MissStrizz

    That is when I go TO work.

  • seannarae

    i love these shots.

    so much can be read into the simple angle of the world as seen out the rear view. i used to shoot 30-minute shots thru the rear views of the early evening desert sun setting as i drove yet again from los angeles back to tucson. so many sunsets, just hours of it. b-roll as it were.

  • Amanda B.

    LG V-X6000 sounds very serious. Like an evil robot on Dr. Who.

  • j.

    it’s too bad the lines in the road and the lines in the mirror don’t line up! but maybe that’s asking too much.

  • maxigumee

    Oh, I love car mirror shots, because in front, there’s one thing, but behind, there’s another thing…. or something. I took some like that here:

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  • Catherine

    I am so impressed with myself because I have the same phone that you do! I did not buy it because of the features. I bought it because it came with a free “Rolling Stone” subscription.

  • mob

    Why not use a regular digital camera? Cell phone pics/cameras are almost worse than very early digital pics/cameras. Nice composition. I just dont like the quality of the pic. ( i do enjoy your site though)