• bambooska

    I remember being this age and my father carrying me to bed. Sometimes I was passed out on his shoulder, other times I was too tired to walk there myself… so I pretended I was asleep. Love it.

  • Dana Petersen

    Awww, proof that there IS rest for the wicked (:

  • Neeroc

    Awww. Sign of a good weekend?

  • Theresa Boisseau

    SOOOOO adorable!

  • michelle fournier

    I am always amazed when they fall asleep like that in the car.  If we do that at our ages, we wouldn’t be able to get those kinks out of our muscles for days! 

  • Amanda Brumfield

    Awww, I love her little hand. Sweet little bunny- rabbit. 

  • Yvonne

     eyes that pull out your heart

  • Elaine Taylor

    Love the little fingers!  

    Little kids always look adorable passed out in the car.  

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