This is my favorite photo of Heather’s that she’s ever taken. It was the first time Leta had a drink out of a hose, and I’m in the background, helping. Sweet moment.

  • Teeny225

    I love how she’s concentrating so hard!! Chuck looks cute too…

  • Wicked H

    So sweet, activating the insulin pump. STAT!

  • la_florecita

    Makes me thirsty.

  • Pupsicle

    Aww, I still remember sharing the hose with my dog in the summers as a kid. Great picture!

  • brandy

    I love how Leta is trying to hold the water. And Chuck is all “wait this is my schtick”
    So cute.

  • Hemlock

    When I saw that photo this morning, I could feel the cold on my teeth. Oh so many memories of getting a drink from the hose.

    It’s certainly a special moment!

    And one that you could share with Chuck as well!

  • Rose

    I love that picture! Thank you for giving me a venue to express my appreciation for it!!

    Hope the Blurbodoocery has a beautiful weekend.

  • tksinclair

    Look at those long, slim fingers! Never noticed that before. Piano lessons? This photo looks like a contest entry if you ask me!

  • hibiscusfire

    Kids grow up way way way too fast.

  • s gazzetti

    Yeah! When I saw that photo the first word that popped into my head was DAMN DYNAMIC. Okay, that’s two words. I guess I’ll be hearing from your attorneys.

  • Jerri Ann

    That is adorable. I always freak my husband out when I drink from the hose like that…

  • Wendy Mac

    LOVE that photo.

    Leta looks so grown-up, her hair has gotten so long!

  • jagosaurus

    In addition to being incredibly sweet, the photo is so lush and rich, if that makes sense.

  • Sandra Heikkinen

    I don’t even know Leta, and I adore her. Great photo.

  • seattleshue

    Marvelous. Hose drinking is such a rite of passage.

  • tk

    That is SUCH a great picture. There are so many things about it that make it great. Absolutely love it.

    I’m sure you know this, but you’re incredibly lucky to have such an amazing and beautiful family.

  • Sam Merrill

    Can you please do me a huge favor and pull a Paris Hilton. Just leave the camera on the porch and I’ll come by and steal it.

    You’ll probably have to leave it there for a couple of days because It’s an 8 hour drive to SLC from here and I haven’t the faintest clue where you live. It may take me a while.

    I grew up with Native Americans and have a plethora of Native American relatives who taught me some tracking techniques and I was in the boy scouts most of my boyhood so I’m pretty sure I can find it.

    If I don’t, can you mail it to me? 😛

  • Laurie

    Just saw this photo on Dooce as well and I LOVE IT. It’s ok for little kids to drink from hoses but I got total crap when I filled up my sons water jug for baseball with the hose when he was 12. Don’t really see the difference.

  • Piglet

    My God, that is a beautiful photo. It is amazing to me how children are so perfect beautiful and they can melt our hearts in a nannosecond. Leta is so beautiful, you and Heather are so blessed. This is a good thing.

  • ThatBadgerChick

    It’s my favorite, too.

  • medusaeyes

    Ah, who doesn’t remember drinking from the hose when they were a kid?

  • PaintingChef

    I loved that one also, I got a little lump in my throat when I saw it, it was just too perfect! What a beautiful family you Armstrongs have!