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Flower Girls

Best weekend ever. Leta and Marlo were flower girls at a wedding. They loved getting dressed up and the choice of dress was perfect for them. Major kudos to the bride for the foresight of having them wear something useful and fun. The tutus will be a play staple for years to come.

Even though the weather looked like it was going to be rainy and cold, the girls did not care and remained excited through the whole weekend. Watching them focus on their role, their genuine smiles and remarkable poise (shut up, I’m their father) filled me with a happiness that was full and bright. They were well behaved and adorable.

* * *

I was walking behind them on our way into the wedding and seeing them like this, happy, together and ready to take on something bigger than themselves was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve had as a father. Sometimes the age difference makes it seem like they aren’t as close as they truly are and this image shows that closeness.

As I took this photo, I realized that I needed to spend more time seeing the world from their perspective—even the simplest events can be exciting and fun. And a very big deal.

  • americanrecluse

    This is beautiful and such fun. Just looking at the dresses makes me want to spin in a big circle. I hope there was much frolicking so as to take full advantage of the tutu!

    • blurb

      There was frolicking! And spinning.

  • MomoFali

    Tutus make everything more awesome.

    • blurb

      Very true. Super smart idea from the bride with great taste.

  • Robin Dearing

    Love the image this photo and description paint. Being a flower girl is such a wonderful rite for young girls.

    • blurb

      Thanks! I agree and it’s one of the benefit of a large extended family… somebody might need flower girls.

  • MarylandYaYa

    beautiful photo and thoughts…

    • blurb

      Thank you @MarylandYaYa:disqus

  • lauriewrites

    Just gorgeous. I have a particular love for photos from this perspective, and I feel your feelings as you’re describing them when I look at it. Beautiful colors, too, and if I ever have a flower girl, or occasion to share insight into how to dress one, I’m filing this away for then.

    • blurb

      Thanks @lauriewrites:disqus. Colorwise, the girls’ tutus were more silver gray than the lavender they appear. Just in case you needed to know. :-)

  • Fiona Garriott

    That’s a beauty.

  • goaliej54

    Beautiful! (Both the photo and the description.) Yes, I think it’s important to see the world through the eyes of children, at least from time to time. We take so much for granted as adults. :)

  • Pixelfish

    More of this! :) The girls look adorable!

  • readiness

    Beautiful! More of this!

  • smoochdog

    I think there is nothing more magical than little girls in a wedding, what that must looks, feel like from their perspective and to be included as part of it? Top that with tutus – it is a great day.

  • Jennifer Cafferty-Davis

    What a great moment – I’m glad you got to share it with them. Hopefully it is something they cherish and remember for a long time.

  • ruffian

    I love the backs but I do so want to see the front of the outfits!!!

  • Tiffany Grant Lane

    This is such a precious time in their lives! The innocence will be fleeting, so capture every moment you can. I miss the days when my daughter was this age…still full of wonder and simplicity! Now, it’s all college and the normal trials and tribulations of adult life.