Gastroenterology and Me

Gastroenterology and Me

I haven’t written about my health for awhile. I had intended to get all oversharey and post movies of my CT scans and whatnot, but I have failed.

Since the last installment: I’ve had some more tests. I finally was able to see a Gastroenterologist. My omeprazole dose was doubled and an endoscopy was ordered. I had the endoscopy last week and saw another gastroenterologist yesterday. Here’s where we are:

  • Esophagus: Appeared normal. Biopsies were also normal.
  • Stomach: Some erosion. Biopsies were normal. I thought they saw small ulcers and mentioned them to Heather after endoscopy. Yesterday, the doctor didn’t say a word about ulcers.
  • Duodenum: Normal.

Diagnosis from yesterday: Doctor feels it’s most likely costochondritis.

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I do have many of the symptoms. I did not take omeprazole this morning for the first time in a long time and I took ibuprofen 800mg yesterday after seeing the doctor as well as before bedtime. I took another this morning as well as one this afternoon. Still some pain. It hasn’t completely gone away and last night after dinner, I had severe pain. Can’t decide if over the counter antacids help or not.

I’m scheduled for a HIDA scan tomorrow. I’m hoping that this and the esophagus test they want to do will let us know what’s up. I think something’s going on to cause this pain, and after reading page after page of articles and tips about gallstones, GERD, IBS and other digestive issues, I’m hopeful that it’s simply a case of costochondritis.

I’m at a point where all the doctor visits and testing are eating into my desire to do more with this site. Grrrr.