In Defense of The Clog

In Defense of The Clog

refined, yet full of utility.Somewhere between the lowly flip-flop and the shoe lies the clog. Much maligned, and scoffed at, it is the forgotten middle child of footwear.

Some have deigned the clog ill and written it into their corporate policies that the clog be banished from sight, or worse, grounds for termination.

However, Blurbomat feels that the clog is an important winter house shoe. For example, where does one turn when the garbage must be taken out and it’s cold outside? Flip flops will leave the feet exposed and chilled. The clog has the convenience of the flip flop, but keeps the toes insulated, to say nothing of the spine support.

Then there’s the time when you need to make a quick neighborhood jaunt for coffee or post. The clog fits in well here and serves fashion and practicality equally well. Particularly in the urban environments where one must dodge pet feces, unknown liquids and varied spore left by tourists.

In short. I’m keeping the god damned clogs.