In Session

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In Session

Apologies if the title lead you to believe that this was a therapy reference. While I’m learning a lot in therapy, that has nothing to do with the title.

The state legislature is actually in session. The subject building is where that happens, which some of you may or may not know. This shot of the Utah State Capitol building is one where I’m trying to stretch my palette a bit. By introducing grain inside Lightroom, I feel like it lends a very subtle texture that adds a somewhat pseudo analog feel to the image.

The dome is clad in copper. I’m not entirely sure of the date, but the state re-clad it in 1989 (if you know the correct year, please let me know) and it was gleaming for a few months until the green patina settled in. I wish I had taken shots of it back then, because it looked like a massive new penny. When the sun was setting, the reflection was amazing. The building itself underwent a massive seismic retrofit and restoration a few years back. I took some interior and exterior shots a couple of years ago when Hipstamatic was still new to me:

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I owe a lot of you email. I swear it’s coming. So many of you have written to offer support, tips and encouragement. Thank you for taking the time and effort to share your thoughts. I’ve been so very moved by the kindness shown to me during this challenging time. It’s a great thing to receive such beautiful energy. I will answer your messages. Right after I finalize my living arrangements.