iOS 5 Upgrade is Taking Forever

iOS 5 Upgrade is Taking Forever

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I’ve been staring at this for quite awhile. So far here are the things I’ve tried to do to upgrade my iPad 2 to the latest iOS system (which as of this writing, is iOS 5)…I have:

  1. Backed up the iPad inside of iTunes. I’ve done this twice. Once before upgrading iTunes to 10.5 and again this morning after upgrading iTunes to 10.5.
  2. Deleted the iPad backup from the Finder and then performed a sync inside of iTunes 10.5. This did not backup the iPad as a normal sync would.
  3. Resigned self to letting the damn software do its thing while I work on other stuff. Which I’m having difficulty doing because I really want to see if I should upgrade my iPhone to iOS 5, but due to the mission critical nature of my phone, I’m not touching with any form of upgrade until I can assess potential drawbacks, etc.

While typing the above, after about 30 minutes (I got interrupted mid-post; it didn’t take 30 minutes to type the above), the “backup” took and iTunes now reports that it has restored the iPad software and is “Verifying iPad restore…”.

How has your upgrade process gone? Or are you holding off?

UPDATE: Restore is now taking forever. This is all so First World Problem.