Not Quite Vista 2.0

Leopard Sneak Peek

For the Mac nerds. I go to a meeting for a couple of hours and miss the fun… The Mail stuff alone will make me upgrade.

  • lousoz

    I am SO getting it.

  • rivetergirl

    I’m embarrassed by how excited that made me. Mmm … leopard.

  • areyouwishing

    Slightly underwhelmed. No speed bumps on the stagnating iMac/MBP, No FTFF (, still no advertised better exchange support.

    I do like the virtual desktops, better iCal, and the inexpensive MacPros.

  • pupkick

    It’s funny. For all the “Microsoft copies us” raving that was being done, they sure copied a lot from Microsoft (and others). Everything they are adding to iMail has been in Outlook, “Scenes” is just a new spin on virtual desktops, which Unix/Linux window managers have been doing for eons.

    Some good stuff, but some oopsies too. The backup sounds good, but will waste lots of space unless you can tone those options down. Speaking of which, nice CRASH (copying Microsoft again!!)

    All in all, interesting, but not earth changing.

  • DoggieDaddy

    I just lost two months of photographs (500+) from an extended trip to WA. The time machine doodad is reason enough alone.
    I’m surprised that it took Apple this long to integrate some sort of “you were too stupid to backup your crap but we have you covered bro” utility…

  • Sebastian

    Umm, Steve did start out by saying there were many features they weren’t going to show yet.

    and two, there’s been a lot more details of other improvements that weren’t part of the keynote that have already been discussed in later sessions.

    This is a very cool upgrade.


  • Sandra Heikkinen

    Three words: Better. Than. Vista.

  • daveheinzel

    First of all pupkick, it’s called Mail, and what you call “Scenes” is really called Spaces. And the beauty of Mac products is not only the features they offer, but the way they implement those features. That’s one reason Mac fanatics will shutter at your comparison of Mail to Outlook.

    As for the “wasting lots of space” comment about backups – the whole point of having backups is to have copies of files for when things go bad. You cannot predict which files you will need to recover in the future, so the most comprehensive way to back things up is to make a total backup that not only has all of your files, but has each version of each file that was ever saved. Lots of space? Yes. But ‘wasteful?’ Not when you need a two-week old copy of some Illustrator file that you spent about two hours working on and accidentally saved over.

    It was interesting when iPhoto froze during the presentation, but did you notice that they were totally prepared for that? It couldn’t have been a more speedy recovery. Plus the whole OS is months away from a release, so kudos to them for all the other flawless demos.

  • Sebastian

    Why do you think you can now have 2TB of storage in your Mac Pro now? Time Machine. One drive for you and three for your backup.


  • BillB

    The irony…I’m at work, trying to watch this on a PC. I’ve tried Explorer and FireFox, and I can’t get through more than half a presentation without my browser crashing. As soon as I figure out how to pay my mortgage AND buy a computer, I’m getting a Mac.

  • monkeyaker

    I’m so annoyed that I bought my iBook one month before the MacBook came out. I didn’t know! Now I can’t run that multi-platform thingamaroo. Oh well, maybe I’ll just upgrade to Leopard. That should sooth my burning urge for brand spanking new shiny apple-y technology. At least for another month or two.

  • becky

    i’m seriously tempted by the newest desktops. i’ve been needing to upgrade – haven’t in about 4 years or so AND it’s a windoze machine.

    problem is, i probably should buy more computer than i need so i can hang on for a while. i’m already pushing my g4 powerbook to its limits, and i’ve had it 2 years. don’t want the same thing to happen in the desktop.

    leopard looks awesome. but i don’t think i’ll wait until spring to buy a new computer, which means an upgrade will be in my future. will leopard work with the older macs? anyone? haven’t seen anything on their site about that. maybe i missed it.

    jon, have you seen any reviews of Adobe Creative Suite 2 and how it runs on the new machines with Rosetta? i’d love it if you threw some links my way (if you’ve already found some).

  • KaraBuggy


    The same thing just happened to me. The PC at work is smiting me for trying to read about MACs…

    damn the man

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