It Is Alive

Finally. Back. The south, the new dog, the crazy job, the new host for this site… it’s all exhausting. Not that you much care, but we have a new link structure here in Blurboland. Which means my wife will probably kill me. However, I’ve always wanted the year/month/day/title.html thing and now I have it.

Going to the mid-south was different than both Texas or Carolina souths. Memphis has flavor. One of my favorite things is how Jesus and Wrestling and Monster Trucks have similar marketing tactics. The local ads marketing Jesus were indistinguishable from a WWF match. The loud, booming voice announcing “Annointing!” “The Holy Spirit!” could just as well have been talking about two wrestlers lined up for a cage match that has a TV time limit of 10 minutes. Because.




Now I must retire to the bar to make a large vodka tonic.