It’s Getting Weird Up in Here

Anti-polygamy activist blames Utah-Arizona inaction for Texas raid – Salt Lake Tribune

I’m drawing a blank on titles for posts about this story. Best lines from this one:

“Jessop said one girl told her ‘The men own the babies, not the mothers.'”

Question: Does anybody know if there are beds in Mormon Temples for any reason? I never saw any, nor did the LDS Temple ceremony require a bed.

I’m wondering if wives are passed around from man to man in order to keep the women subservient? It’s not just polygamy; it’s polyamory. And that gets sicker when kids are involved. Utah is slowly waking up to these notions. Thanks for showing the way, Texas!

UPDATE: If any readers want to assist the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, click here for information.

UPDATE 2: The Houston Chronicle has a great piece up on the challenges facing the social workers, including, surprise! those timid 19th century prairie-clothed women being less than cooperative. Big Love is going to have a rich source to mine from.