Joe $500 Thousandaire

Joe Millionaire Finale in one act:

Evan: “Uh. I choose you.”
Zora: “Really?”

Zora: “Let’s see where this goes.”
Evan: “Really?”

Paul the Butler: “Hey you crazy kids, here’s a million dollars!”
Evan: “Really?”
Zora: “Really?”


And with actual anti emotion (not positive or negative), the show that stole a nation’s heart in the middle of an international crisis ended with a whimper.

Best summation from the local Fox affiliate went something like this:

Semi-polished (with really terrible hair) newswoman to Sorority Girl: “So why didn’t you want Sarah to win?”
Sorority Girl [with a self-assuredness that barely lets the newswoman finish]: “Sarah’s a slut.”

Zora was the most normal person to ever be involved in a “reality” television program. Sure, not so emotional. But MoJo and Sarah on the other hand? Sarah’s oral demonstration to Melissa? Whole new level.

Blowjob vs. Crazy Puzzle/Poem: MoJo might have been weird, but come on. Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Sarah gets the distinction for having popped the U.S.A. prime-time blowjob cherry.