Karl Rove, Traitor?

This is almost too good to be true:
From Arianna Huffington’s blog (from kottke)

From Editor & Publisher (from Fark.com)

Essentially, the claims being made are that Karl Rove is the one who leaked the name of the CIA operative to the press. This has surfaced due to the ruling about confidential sources.

I’ll be updating with other links as this story develops. Part of me is wary to believe such a thing, although I would like to think Rove is perfectly capable of such an act, why would he?

Talking Points has a measured post about the story. With the Downing Street Memo and the gurglings in D.C., the summer is getting a lot hotter for President Bush.

I’ll definitely be watching the Sunday morning grandpa shows.

Is this going to be another loss for American media to bloggers? I sure hope that this story doesn’t die like so many during the course of the current administration.

Scary thought: what if Bush is impeached and Cheney becomes the President?

Scary thought II: What if it’s true about the lies?

ABC News with prosector demanding Times Reporters Testimony