Missing You Mr. Sun

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Missing You Mr. Sun

Sunset looking west over the Great Salt Lake.

* * *

The spot I’ve been taking many of these sunset shots has a house going up on the property. I think I can hike to a good vantage in a slightly higher spot, but I liked the speed at which I could get set up at this convenient location.

One of my favorite things about shooting at this spot has been watching people watch the sunset. While I waited for the light, I imagined all kinds of stories for the groups of people, the solitary, the couples and the kids who would show up to watch the sun set.

I can’t say I blame the property owners for building on it. It’s prime real estate and I hope the house they build will capture the amazing view. There have been a lot of sunsets that I haven’t shared, but shot anyway, just for the exercise. There have been a lot of sunsets that I sat alone, still and quiet, hoping for something good to come tomorrow because today was brutal.

While I’m no longer in the shitstorm of divorce and death, I want to take the many lessons and keep them with me. It’s difficult when life is going well to pause and remember that not only can life get awful and painful, the pain can be lasting, solitary and debilitating. Looking at this image, I remembered all of the nights I spent alone, waiting for the perfect moment to release the shutter.

The contrast of those nights to now is staggering. I’m very lucky.