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This pigeon isn’t happy that I’m taking a picture of her or the sign. She’ll get over it once she sees this image. I’ve been playing with relighting an image in post production. This one was shot midday. The light is flat and the colors faded. While that works for the peeling ovals, the sky was washed out and the contrast of the siding on the sign was weak. I didn’t want to underexpose this more than I did, otherwise I’d lose detail in the bird. Using a number of Lightroom tricks and a plugin, I was able to effectively change this image from unusable, to the one you see. This isn’t an award winning image, to be sure, but the exercise was a success. The only thing I couldn’t change without major Photoshop time was the sky. I can’t decide if this image is strong enough to warrant that kind of time. I like the texture and peeling paint.

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