Musically Paradoxical Links

Musically Paradoxical Links


I was sent these by McQueen. You may remember him as the self-censored party on the Road Trip back in 2005 and the death hike in 2006.

From the brilliant Black Cab Sessions:
My Morning Jacket

From GQ:
Foolish, Foolish Throat: A Q&A with Steve Perry

Journey filled my high school days and later as an upperclassman, my high school nights. Making out to Journey is one of my top memories from high school. Also: slow dancing to “Open Arms” trying to hide my burgeoning, uh, excitement.

080604-neal.jpgThis is a great interview and I’m coming out of the closet to say that Neal Schon is one of the great underrated pop guitarists of our age. Also: Greatest pop hair.

I still think that Steve Perry and Dennis De Young (of Styx) need to do an all acoustic set mashing up hits from their respective oeuvres and call the tour “Mr. Roboto’s Open Arms: After the Fall of the Divas”.