Not a Tumor

Not a Tumor

New pipes!
(The above photo does not reflect actual current sewage line condition.)

Plumbers just left. Sewage line is cleaner than a whistle and roots have been bladed and treated with a chemical to keep them at bay for a couple of years.

They ran a camera (an expense we were happy to pay) to determine condition of the line and for us to figure how budget for the next possible disaster. They found that the line is in excellent condition. Whew.

Now we just have to get Heather through this book tour as a pregnant woman. It’s going to be a pull for her, if our recent SXSW experience is an indicator. We spent one night out late and it impacted the rest of our trip.

Still, I’m going to savor the remainder of this 70°+F day and flush with impunity after waiting the 1-2 hours for the root killing chemicals to kick in.