Obama and McCain on Mental Health

This was sent in by reader R. It is from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and it has links to Obama’s response to their survey and McCain’s “Mental Health Statement”. The difference between the candidates couldn’t be stronger:

NAMI | Explore the Candidates

The links are to PDFs.

It’s pretty clear whom I think the better candidate is, this just seals it even further.

  • DrKoob


    Thank you for doing all my campaign work for me. It sure makes it easier to have something to read every day that convinces me or that I can send to friends to convince them that there must be a complete change in the Presidency.

    And it was refreshing to read some of the comments about yesterday’s post that it will be WONDERFUL to have an articulate President again.

  • Amanda

    I swore by the Power of Greyskull years ago that I would not engage in political battle ever again, and I haven’t. This election has been pretty peaceful and seems to be practically tension free compared to the last one. I’ve had some really nice conversations with people about it. I love to discuss these issues because they are so important.

    I find both Obama and McCain to be respectable human beings. (Palin- not so much) They both seem to have sincere empathy for their fellow humans, probably because both of them have been through a lot in their lives and don’t put up with a lot of BS. I think both candidates can relate to “the common folk” because of where they have been and what they’ve experienced.

    The mental health issue is something that I deal with on a daily basis. I have a few problems with both candidates responses. Obama was a little to “yessy” on the survey, and some of those areas are tricky, not so cut and dry. I didn’t feel that he was willing to engage the specific issues in a realistic manner and that worries me.

    And McCain lost me with the “untreated depression vs. diabetes” thing. Also I’m not sure that he understands that although diet and exercise certainly help with mental illness, they are only a small part of the solution. Personal responsibility is important, but so is understanding the facts about mental illness. No, it’s not just important, it’s mandatory.

    So there is my dissertation on the subject.


  • ikarl67

    I really love Blurbodoocery. They offer hilarious anecdotes, fantastic photography, great tips on music and in Blurb’s case, a forum to engage in political discourse. But DrKoob, I would hope that you wouldn’t allow this to be your sole source for campaign information.
    There is a BUNCH of information out there, I think an informed voter is a good voter.
    This is Mr. Armstrong’s blog and as such his prerogative to post whatever he feels will best convey his beliefs, he is in no way obligated to to provide any other perspective other than his own. For that matter he really shouldn’t. Keep that in mind and whatever you learn, find and decide, remember to Vote.

  • AnnaBelleLee

    Obama seems to truly “get it” as far as understanding how fucked up our services and policies are regarding the mentally ill. McCain’s statement about “accepting personal responsibility” shows what a complete idiot he is. Does he really think someone with chronic paranoid schizophrenia is personally responsible for their illness? Does he honestly think that someone with this horrid mental illness DID something to bring this on themself? We don’t need another ineffective, clueless president at the helm. I have first-hand knowledge of the total inadequacy of mental health care in this country. My 28-year old son suffered – S-U-F-F-E-R-E-D – with this horrible, devastating disease for 10 years. On August 5, 2008 he ended his life by hanging himself….his life had become unlivable. And I live in Houston, Texas less than 3 miles from the world famous Texas Medical Center which is supposed to be the largest medical center in the world with 3 medical schools and a multitude of reknown hospitals and institutions …. and even with all of that one young man’s life could not be saved due, in part, to the abject disservice of the mental health policies of this country. There is NO parity for mental illness…not in dollars for services, not in dollars for research, not in anything. A chronic smoker who subsequently develops lung cancer receives any and all treatments necessary to battle that illness with no caps on financial coverage or days spent in the hospital. There are caps on all aspects of treatment for the mentally ill, from how many days can be spent in the hospital, to how many visits a year with one’s psychiatrist, etc., etc. McCain’s bland mental health statement glaringly demonstrates how completely uninformed he is. Who needs a president that thinks the mentally ill are personally responsible for their illness? Not me.

  • blurb

    @Amanda, The truth always sits somewhere in the middle… I’d be very surprised if Barack were able to do all he is promising. However, I shared these links more to illustrate the difference between the candidates.

    Thanks for the comments on this one.

  • amybyrd35

    I have to first say that Obama is clearly the ONLY choice in this election.

    This questionnaire irked me a bit. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first.

    Then, my horror, I figured it out:

    I was more irritated with Obama than McCain. That made me want to slap myself across the face.

    I would of rather had a “questionnaire statement” from Obama than “strongly agree” the entire way down.

    I have been diagnosed Bipolar 2 for the majority of my 31 years. Like McCain, (cringe) I completely agree with taking care of the “entire” patient and what ails them. Diet, exercise, addictions, healthy lifestyle choices, and focusing on health issues other than my depression has been key to my daily functioning and overall health. PERIOD. Without all of these things combined, I can’t function.

    I don’t believe that if I eat right and exercise, my being Bipolar would disappear (I wish), but combined with my MEDICATION, therapy, groups, books, art, writing, pets, family, blogs, love, work, etc.. it allows me to live a life that’s as healthy as it’s going to get.

    Access and information to all these things gives us the power we have over our lives. No matter who wins in this election (Obama!), EVERY single American should have choices and affordable options on how to treat whatever it is that ails them, including mental illness.