On at the Salt Lake Public Library

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On at the Salt Lake Public Library

As part of the photowalk last weekend, the group walked around downtown Salt Lake City and swarmed the library. This is one of the better designed buildings in Salt Lake, but the building is showing signs of needing some maintenance; cracking paint, grime and overgrown vegetation. You wouldn’t notice it unless you were studying the details to compose an image.

Most of the afternoon, the skies were flat gray, but when I was in Lightroom playing with exposure, I noticed that when I took it darker, details in the clouds appeared. And so did all the lens & sensor dust spots. I used a gradient adjustment brush to pull the cloud detail out while keeping the overall exposure more true. I did do a bit of tonal work to pull the glass out of the grays and to draw the viewer’s eye to the turned on lamp.

I’ll be posting some more Holi shots later today, because this one is so gray.

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