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Wanted to share this one taken last Friday morning just before 7am. This was the first official shoot of the photowalk. I had about 3 hours of sleep before waking at 4 am eating food, checking the photo gear and heading out to Utah County by 5:30 am. The clouds didn’t look this good with the shot of Mount Timpanogos I wanted to make. I got close with the first shot of the day:

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However, the long exposure (10 seconds) meant the clouds were blurry. But I had to make a tradeoff to get the stars. It’s still my favorite westward shot of that morning.

I was talking last night with a friend and telling him that March has been an incredible month for me personally; I’m feeling good about me. Which sounds like an affirmation.

Daily affirmation: I will feel good about me.

* * *

If only I could get Marlo to stay in her bed. She’s discovered the joys of wandering around the condo at night. At least the night before last she wasn’t talking to herself for an hour. While farting on me. Which happened repeatedly the night before that one. Leta likes to report, completely asleep, that she’s suddenly scared and needs to sleep in my bed. When Leta gets in bed, Marlo wakes up. Can’t win. At least yesterday morning everyone was in good spirits and we had a fun morning in dad’s bed. Marlo says “dad’s bed” very slowly and lispy. It’s super cute and I don’t really have the necessary leverage to keep her in her own bed. And I’m not exactly going to fight it too hard. Maybe in a year I’ll be more inclined to get up and force her back into her own bed. But I like having her in bed. She’s warm and if we are tired and non-farty, we sleep okay. I keep thinking about Leta at Marlo’s age. I’m remembering the tactics that worked to calm her down before bedtime and I’m starting to use them with Marlo.

I’m also using some tactics to get the girls out the door in the morning. Those are working markedly better than the sleep tactics. Maybe it’s time for a workshop or two where the girls and I talk about the importance of sleep?