Seven Years in the Making

Back in 1992, I got a CD player for the car as a graduation gift. It turned the 1975 Cordoba I was driving into a sweet ride. My oldest brother helped me install the player and hook up the amp/eq unit to provide sonic pleasure.

When Heather and I got together in the summer of 2001, I suggested we look at a bit more powerful stereo for her Honda Civic so we could enjoy the Stevie Wonder marathon we were playing nonstop. She accused me of being a “consumer” at that point and due to events that followed, we never followed through on the stereo plans.

That has all changed:
On being more friendly to the environment | dooce®

I need to get that Stevie Wonder out and demo it on the new system.

I’ve been waiting for a unit that did a great job with an iPod/iPhone and I found it. I also had the justification for a subwoofer. A sweet, inexpensive subwoofer that makes driving a sheer pleasure. And it works with the i-devices. If there is interest, a nerd post will follow. Spare me your consumerist diatribes. We didn’t buy a new car (hybrids that would work for us in our climate start around $35k and get only marginally better gas mileage than the tiny Civic that is paid in full.

Rest assured that Steely Dan sounds FUCKING AWESOME on the new stereo.

UPDATE: just in case you missed it, here’s my nerd post.