Update: dooce® v6 status

Update: dooce® v6 status

071120-refresh1.pngFor dooce readers, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve done a bunch of edits to the backend and code and such. Empty your cache and refresh refresh refresh.

Feeds. Old subscriptions should work now. They still don’t include the photos yet. We ran into a time killing and soul deadening bug somewhere that won’t allow us to include the photos without destroying the line breaks in the feed. This is a big one for us to fix. For now, though the feed works.

Tightened up the comments forms (they still need some work) and made them less ganky when an error is present or when previewing.

Killed the ordered list numbering on comments as it reset on each page. Drupal’s max comments per page default is 300. Yeah, so that’s not gonna work here. We are looking into links for each comment as well as a numbering scheme that works across all browsers (Hey, upgrade your browsers people. IE 6 is DEAD. It’s a six year old browser. GET OVER IT.)

Also fixed some of the horsey small fonts (looking at you Firefox) and sidebar stuff.

Previous and Next to blog posts. Heather and I debated the functionality of this one for a long time. On the old site, it was generally by category, but if you landed in a cross-categorized post, the previous and next picked the first or main category and you went forward and backward through the archives of that category. How it works now is that on each photo section (Chuck, Daily, Style) you’ll move through each of those, but not across them. If I look at today’s Chuck picture, the previous photo and previous links take me backwards through the Daily Chuck pics. Same for Daily Style and Daily Photo. The previous and next work in those sections. However, for general posts, the previous and next take you through the entire archive, including old Daily Photos that were posted on the old site. We hope that you find this an agreeable way to get through the archives. Many of you made this request here and in the comments thread on dooce. It is live now. Enjoy!

Special thanks go out to Bill for busting the code and styling for the previous and next navigation early this morning.

Looking forward to the holiday wherein I sleep a lot.