Shure SE210 Photos & an iPhone Earbud Tip

Shure SE210 Photos & an iPhone Earbud Tip

Shure SE210 with stock extension

Some of you have written in the comments and through email to see photos of the Shure SE210 earphones that I bought and how they might work with Shure’s microphone adapter (Shure MPA-3C).

I have posted a full set of photos here with comments. So far, the microphone works just fine, but the clip design is weird with other earphones/headphones. Not a deal breaker at all, as I prefer the SE210s over the Bose for longer calls where I’d want to wear earbuds over just holding the phone to my head.

And a tip:

The way most people insert Apple earbuds

For those of you who can’t afford or don’t want to throw down for iPhone or iPod headphones, I saw how the stock earbuds fit in Heather’s ears and decided to try something. I turned the speaker part of the bud and rotated it toward the front of my ear, kind of counter-intuitively. Immediate improvement in sound. For awhile, this was how I worked out with my iPhone. Not too comfortable, but gets the job done:

How I Make the Stock Apple Earbuds Sound Better

Your mileage may vary.