Attention IE Users

Attention IE Users

Several of you have written to tell me of issues with IE involving content on the post pages. I wanted to let you know that my advice of using Firefox or Chrome stands. However, if you must use IE, here’s a tip that will display the content.

In Windows 7 on IE 9, you need to turn Compatibility View off. OFF. To do this, look at the location bar in IE. On the right hand side of the location bar there is an icon that looks like a broken page:

You want to make sure that the button is not “on”:

It should look like this:

You just click the icon to turn it off or on.

So sorry to have missed this. There may have been a time when looked better with Compatibility View turned on, but that is not the case now. Management regrets this oversight and invites you to an imaginary happy hour where we are all friends and there aren’t hangovers or regrets.