Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat tutorial - Beginning Snapseed for iOS

Snapseed for the Beginner

This is loooooooong overdue, but since I’ll be at BlogHer talking about mobile photo editing, I figured it was time.

For a more thorough walkthrough of Snapseed, you can always look at the screencast I did of the Mac version of the app.

  • Will Adam

    Excellent introduction to snaapseed Jon, I’ll be passing this link on to some friends! :-)

  • Ashevillian

    Alas, Snapseed for Mac has been discontinued. On the plus side, you can download all the former Nik software plug-ins from Google (who now owns them) for Aperture, Lightroom, and Photoshop. At least you could a few months ago.

  • Naomi Shadix

    Hooray! I just recently downloaded Snapseed for my iPad mini. Glad to see a tutorial as you always post gorgeous images with this app.