Start Something…With A Pitcher Of Vodka

Upper left: Groping! And she’s LOVING it!

Yes. Fonts, photo tones and subject matter are all fantastic. This ad is the 1970s.

From the Newsweek Archivist tumblr.

  • Lora Dow

    If you can’t manage to get something started with a pitcher of vodka, then you are just not trying.

  • Kona Gallagher

    This is the most realistic ad ever. I love this.

  • Malita Jones

    I’m surprised they got through dinner. Ps love Lora’s comment

  • Suzanne Garnmeister

    I recognize the ’tile’ countertop in the first picture!
    It was sold by Williams Sonoma up until just a few years ago. I loved that stuff.

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